Hello Internet

Welcome to my corner of the internet. I am a silly Alolan Raichu who is fascinated by rocks that can think, which humans apparently call ‘computers’. I like to game on them from time to time, but I particularly like to make them do funny things in a process that is called ‘programming’. Can’t say I’m a specialist in anything in particular, I just do whatever I think will be fun (for example, making this website :3).

I opened this site so that I have a space to myself. I don’t really know what I want to do here yet, but I like having this space where I can put anything, and setting it up is a fun project itself. Maybe I will put up posts like these (but probably longer), amateur HTML5-related projects, maybe even some stories if it turns out to be a long term interest. Guess having a domain also means I finally have something to use when coming up with Java namespaces x3

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